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About Beacon Mobile We help forward-thinking car washes and automotive brands around the world to attract new customers and better serve existing customers through interactive technology solutions
Who We Are Beacon Mobile was founded with the goal of bringing state-of-the-art mobile apps and software solutions to car washes and automotive brands at a very affordable level through our world-class technology platform.

Our team has decades of experience in delivering high-value software products to happy customers, and we have been creating mobile apps since the early days of 2009. Since then, our apps have been featured by numerous esteemed media outlets, and have been enjoyed by users all around the world.

DRB® acquired Beacon Mobile in 2022. This relationship allows Beacon Mobile to leverage the resources of a larger company. DRB is committed to developing and innovating the Beacon Mobile platform, so that, now more than ever, we are able to deliver the #1 car wash marketing and sales platform in the industry.
Message from Our Founder Hello, and thank you for considering Beacon Mobile as your mobile app development partner!

As mobile app usage continues to skyrocket and more and more business is being conducted through apps, many car wash owners recognize the importance of having a presence on people's mobile devices. However, the high cost and risk associated with hiring a mobile app development company to build a custom app from scratch is often well beyond the budget of most wash brands.

To solve this problem and help all car washes experience the power of mobile apps, we have built and continue to enhance a powerful platform that allows wash owners to manage their own native apps at a small fraction of the typical cost. This puts control of the app in the hands of the car wash owner while we keep everything running smoothly in the background.

We have also developed a suite of other tools and services available to car wash, C-store, and automotive shop owners that complement our core car wash native app solution, and we'd love to show you more during a brief demo. Just click the "Request Demo" link in the upper right hand corner, and we'll give you a personal tour and discuss how it can work with your specific set of equipment and services.

Interested in learning more about how our innovative solutions will take your customer service to the next level, increase sales, and promote your unique brand? Get in touch with us anytime so we can answer your questions and highlight where we feel our solutions would have the biggest impact on your business.

See you on the inside,
Alan Nawoj
Alan is an accomplished, veteran technology leader with over 20 years of experience in delivering complex software solutions to various industries. He graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University and holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Harvard University. For fun, Alan enjoys running and was the 2014-2018 Guinness World Record holder for the fastest combined marathon times on seven continents and the overall winner of the 2013 Antarctica Marathon. He is passionate about leveraging technology to help car washes grow faster and by using innovation to engage consumers in new ways.

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