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Facebook Messenger Car Wash Chatbot We invented a highly configurable, easy to manage Facebook Messenger car wash ordering chatbot solution can be linked to your Facebook business page allowing your customers to buy washes directly through Facebook Messenger.
Let Your Customers Purchase in Messenger Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used chat platforms on the planet and consumers can now interact directly with businesses through this powerful communication tool. Our one-of-a-kind car wash ordering chatbot platform lets you upload your wash services menu so customers can select a wash and pay for it directly inside of Messenger!
Add your wash menu items, images, prices, and item customizations through our easy-to-use Web portal
Customers "speak" to your ordering bot to build their order off your menu in a conversational manner
Over 1.3 billion users on Facebook Messenger each month and many of your wash customers spend time here
Customers can pay for their wash directly within Messenger due to our Facebook approvals and partnership
Open an Innovative and Growing Sales Channel for Your Car Wash!

Wash Menu Manager
Easily manage your menu contents (including prices, images, etc.) through our intuitive Admin Web portal

Large Audience
Messenger has over 1.3 billion users per month and your ordering chatbot will be easily accessible to them

Easy to Use
Your customers simply "chat" with your bot to build their order in a visual way and then pay via Stripe

More In Progress
We are constantly expanding our bot platform with new great features for you to grow your business... stay tuned!
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