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Introducing Smart Wash Club We invented a new way to manage membership programs and fleet accounts for your car wash. Our patent-pending method and solution overcomes the limitations of RFID and license plate scanning technology and will make these solutions obsolete.
The Future of Car Wash Membership Technology is Here Tired of spending lots of money on RFID or license plate scanning systems to run your car wash membership program for a solution that doesn't work 100% of the time? For years, RFID technology has been the defacto industry standard for managing car wash membership programs, however, it is far from ideal... and as more vehicles hit the road with special windshields, the issues with RFID will only become more pervasive. That is until now!
Our patent-pending car wash membership method and solution is now commercially available and poised to disrupt the industry norms
We are accepting requests from forward-thinking car washes that would like to be considered for our introductory Smart Wash Club program
Redefining the Standards for Car Wash Membership Program Technology!

No Hardware
Enjoy the benefits of no longer needing to purchase, install, and deal with the limitations of wash club hardware

Easy Migration
Follow our simple migration strategy to transition members off of your RFID or plate scanning systems over time

Experience the most reliable way to prevent non-wash club members from getting free car washes under your program

More In Progress
We are constantly expanding the capabilities of Smart Wash Club and rolling out new features... stay tuned!
Request Consideration for Our Introductory Smart Wash Club Program Now Tell us a little bit about your car wash brand and why you are interested in being an early adopter of Smart Wash Club. Get Started

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